Say Buh-Bye to Your Bikini


Ready or not, swimsuit season is officially upon us, and whether you already have your favorite teeny bikini  in your beach bag or not, it may be time to switch it up with this summer’s hottest trend, the classic one piece. Gone are the days of your grandmother’s modest, full coverage pool ensemble or Speedo approved sport suit, we can guarantee these reinvented suits will make a splash this summer. This season we have seen styles from fashion power houses such as Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs who manage to keep it simple and understated, while companies like Beach Riot and ASOS are using bright colors and cutout details to draw the eye in. Here are some of our favorites for this swim season:  

Koo Koo For Crops


What girl doesn’t love a good crop top! Summer is just around the corner, and it is time to take out those warm weather pieces for some fun in the sun. This trend has made a huge comeback in the last few years, and we keep seeing more and more creative ways to wear this simple piece. When people think of crop tops they sometimes think of it as a trashy style, but when paired with the right pants, skirt and accessories it will make a chic and classic statement. We have put together some of our fave crop top style ideas, so check them out!  

Coachella Chillin’


    Coachella is known for being one of the top concerts of the year, and every year the fashion gets more and more wacky! Every gal and guy want their style to stand out, so they go above and beyond to be the most unique and bold. It is the time to let your inner “flower child” and “free spirit” shine. From patterns, to crops, to intricate jewelry and head ware, this year we saw some of the funkiest and most unique outfits yet. Take a look at some of our fave looks from this years Coachella!  

Crazy for Culottes


Spring has finally sprung! The sun is shining a little brighter, the flowers are in bloom, and its finally time to put away those parkas and takeout your favorite warm weather wear. As the months go on the trends we are seeing, are becoming more and more bold and daring. They are unique, flashy, and funky, allowing all us fashionistas a chance to show our personality through our outfits and standout from the crowd. We are seeing a “new trend” hitting the streets in full force with culottes! Originally called the knee-breeches worn by men, menswear has had quite the impact on the woman’s fashion industry. They are a form of capri, that billow out almost like a maxi and they are perfect for spring when the weather is a little too warm for a pair of tight jeans. Check out our fave culotte looks!  

NYFW: Glitz n’ Glam


As the most-seen trends keep making their way onto the top fashion sites all over, we see themes and specific styles that are becoming more and more popular. One style we saw a lot of this year at NYFW Fall 2015, was that of sparkles and embelishments. From bomber jackets, to elegant gowns, this trend made its way onto many of the top designer runways this season. From a  70s inspired psychedelic take to a 90s punk rock look, designers gave this sparkling and embellished style their own unique and personal twist. Today we will give you some of our fave sparkle n’ shine ideas from the runways to the streets, for a glam fall/winter look!    

And the Oscar goes to….


Today we take a look at the most talked about event of the year, the Oscars! This is the time of year when celebs get noticed for their breakout roles within the cinema. It is also the time where they get to dazzle and shine in some of the most talked about gowns of the year. It is the biggest “black tie” event, and each star goes above and beyond to get noticed in their outfit of choice for the evening. Everyone wants to get on the “best dressed” list while others make it on to the “worst dressed”. Today we look at some of our favorite looks from the star studded evening from sparkling gowns, to the beautiful actress who wore it, check out our Oscar picks!    

NYFW: Orange Is The New Black

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 3.17.06 PM

As the shows come to an end, we begin to see many styles being repeated in unique and funky ways on each of the runways. Designers know what is/what they want to become popular in the coming months, and each has taken their own individual take on the “must have” trends for the Fall 2015 season. Fall is all about the leaves changing colors to those mellow oranges, yellows and reds, so what could celebrate this time of year better than a beautiful sunset orange that will give your fall style that extra pop. All of the main celebrations and holidays this time of year, revolve around this ever lovable color, so take take a look at what designers did to incorporate a little hint of warm hue into their collections for NYFW Fall 2015.    

NYFW: Fringe-tastic!


Although these new collections won’t be able to be worn until next year, we are already seeing trends that will be making their way into all of our closets in the coming months. Each designer tells a story through their collections and many found inspiration from eras past, as well as unique locations all over the world. From 90s, to 70s retro inspiration and some Marrakech vibes, these designers all told their own unique through story through collections of not only beautiful fashion, but art. One trend that forecasters have already called a “top trend”, and a “hit” style for the season, is the ever lovable fringe. Fringe has been around for decades, and it has come back full force on this years runways. Check out how top designers showed off their fringe-tastic looks at this years NYFW!  

NYFW 2015: Street Style


It is every fashion lovers favorite time of year, New York Fashion Week is finally here! We will be bringing you the best of the best from the most elite and trendiest runways around. Although shows just started yesterday, top trends are already making a splash and being predicted by show goers and fashion forecasters alike. We will be your personal trend guides as we go through the month, with our favorite and the elite fashionistas most talked about trends of the season. Since the shows are still underway, today we take a look at some of our show goers themselves and what they brought to the table this year. It is every stylish chicks favorite time to show off their most unique, bold and daring ensembles to show their creativity and own personal style. So take a look at our favorite “street style” looks from NYFW!